Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Apple Valley Lake: Kelsey Is Turning ONE!

Kelsey has such a big, sweet personality! She wasn't sure about getting pictures taken at first but after a few snacks and realizing the camera isn't scary, she was talking up a storm and loved exploring all the areas where we were taking pictures. She is adorable and would often add commentary to the conversations her mom and I were having about her experience with the cake!

Happy birthday little Kelsey!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Wengerd Family

Every year, I very much look forward to photographing this wonderful family. This session, Verna brought some of the girls' favorite books and at the end of the session, they all sat down and read the books together. Discussing their favorite animals and making the sounds of each animal, I loved photographing just a few moments of their 'normal.'

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Kelly + Josh

Kelly and Josh traveled from southern Ohio to meet up with me in Columbus to capture their engagement pictures! I was also fortunate to meet their rescue pup, Rudy! He's such a sweet and well-behaved dog who thoroughly enjoyed being in mom and dad's pictures!

You'll see Kelly, Josh and Rudy again next year when I photograph their wedding day! I'm very much looking forward to continually working with them as their wedding day approuches!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || 2018 Fredericktown Senior: Gionna

This isn't the first time I photographed Gionna. You might remember her from a best friend session we did last Winter. I was so happy when she asked me to photograph her again. She is such a sweetheart with her eye on the future. I am so looking forward to meeting up with her again in the Fall to do some more senior portraits which I am such is going to be just as exciting as this session was. 

I hope you have the most incredible senior year, Gionna!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The D'Agostino Family

Arriving at this session and meeting everyone, I loved witnessing everyone have their own styles and interests! This family loves to travel and explore. They told me stories of their journeys, what they have planned next in their lives and how they enjoy each other's company. They are so sweet! Then there is Oreo, the best behaved family dog who wanted to be in all the pictures. GAH! SO CUTE!

I loved meeting this family! Thank you to the Bates family for referring me to them. Without your support I would have never gotten to meet these wonderful people!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Newlyweds: Kim + Larry

A local photographer named Sarah messaged me, she explained that Kim and Larry were getting married at New Life (their church) and needed a photographer as she was unavailable. After speaking with Kim, I found I wouldn't be available for their wedding but I offered some portraits we could do in the days afterward. Kim was thrilled. She didn't want extra stress on her wedding day and we set up this session.

What an absolute joy Kim and Larry are! Their happiness with one another just radiates and I was loving photographing them together. I loved that they got dresses up again to be sure this beautiful time in their lives is captured. 

While at their session, they shared with me how they met at church and once they became engaged, both their families and their church families put together a beautiful and wonderful wedding for them. What a wonderful support they have! 

Kim and Larry, thank you so much for spending time with me. Thank you for allowing me to meet you and learn about your story. You are inspiring.

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Jason + Melissa

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Jake is Four!

When Jake and his family arrived at my studio, Jake had this look on his face. It was a mix of 'where have my parents taken me now?' curiosity and 'is this going to be fun?' anticipation. Jake's parents brought a bag full of outfits for us to plan through. We chose a few but the 'must have' outfit was a baseball themed one. I had the PERFECT backdrop to fit it. 

I said 'Well I got this new American flag themed one recently we can use?' I instantly got a round of 'YES!' accompanied by head nods and smiles. Just what I like to see :D

Jake is such a fun, lively, cute little boy. He is a very good listener and loves his family so much. He was always looking to make them laugh while he posed for pictures. He's a natural model, guys! haha At the end, we brought out the baseball outfit, set the backdrop and had a few baseballs to play with. Jake was having a blast as we played a few silly games in between shots. 

To the Whisner family: Thank you for allowing me to photograph Jake and meet your family. Jake was such a silly little blessing to have in front of my camera! You all are so sweet and kind. I loved getting to work with you!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Courtney's Maternity Session

Miss Courtney is hitting me right in the feels these days. Courtney graduated 5 years ago. I was honored then to get to photograph her senior pictures and now, I'm even more honored to photograph this season in her life, the pregnancy of her first baby! 

I am very much looking forward to seeing Courtney as a wonderful and beautiful mother. She is so loving to her nieces and nephews and that just gives a glimpse at the incredible mother she will be to her baby boy!

Courtney, thank you for letting me photograph you over the years. I hope I continue to get to document the growth of your family. You are an amazing person and I am so beyond happy for you <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Gen + David

This was Gen and David's first time visiting Mount Vernon! I was so happy they got to experience one of the most beautiful places I know in the area. Gen and David are very much looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together. I loved getting to hear about their prep for wedding day and their plans for after their wedding!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Jenn + Jordan

These two are the sweetest! I loved getting to know them a little better during their engagement session at Dawes! They told me all about their passion for teaching and looking foward to their honeymoon. You can tell how much they love being around one another. I am very much looking forward to their wedding day!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer: Margaret's First Birthday

Margaret's mom, Jasmine explained to me that she had the vision to incorporate the career of Margaret's Dad, Seth into her first birthday pictures. She explained that Seth was a welder and started going into detail about what she wanted to incorporate in the session. 

I was so excited and could not wait for the day of this session to come! I feel like it went really well! I mean, look at her little welder's cap! It's is adorable?! Little Margaret really loved playing in her daddy's tool box. She is such a sweet little thing and I loved getting to photograph her and her family! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Mount Vernon's Ariel - Foundation Park 4th of July Fireworks

Ah, the day after the 4th of July... nothing like feeling exhausted, possibly hung over and dreading going back to work. But, you have to admit, yesterday was worth it. The food, drinks, time with family and friends. It just wouldn't be summer without the 4th of July.

There are very few times a year when you get to sit back at watch professional fireworks. For me, growing up near Cincinnati, you had the 4th of July and then the WEBN fireworks. Each year, my mother reminds me of the year 1991. She sat, in labor watching Dayton's 4th of July fireworks out her hospital room window. From that year on, my dad would convince me that they shot the fireworks off for me. They were celebrating my birthday. When I was about 10 I finally came to the hard realization that they were not for me. But it is a nice addition to my birthday each year that many others don't have.

Point being, a large part of my life and memories have been built around fireworks and patriotism. When I finally learned how to photograph fireworks a few years ago, I have made it a priority to photograph them each year as a little birthday present to myself. 

So after one phone call to the director of Ariel-Foundation Park, several drive-bys of the park days before to scout out the PERFECT spot to sit and photograph these fireworks and waking up at 8:30 am on the 4th of July to claim said perfect spot, the best part was when my mom watched the results of the photographs on the back of my camera and said 'I really want a print of one of these in my office.' 

Maybe in some small way, I've made up for that one 4th of July 26 years ago where she had to watch them out the hospital window while in labor with me. 

Either way, I hope that these photographs bring joy to those who want to relive and reminisce on the amazing pyrotechnic display that so many hard working men and women put together.

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || 2017 Graduate: Kyrin

It's been a while since Kyrin has been in front of my camera but Kyrin was one of my very first clients. Years ago, I got the wild idea to do a styled shoot that required someone in a wedding gown who would lay in the snow. Kyrin was all game. She messaged me and we hiked around an area for a while. She never complained how cold it was and did whatever I needed her to. I am just so thankful for her!

Here we are years later and Kyrin has graduated with a nursing degree! Kyrin and I both went to school together so it was hard not to play a reel of memories in my head while I was editing these pictures. We both would wear our AFJROTC Uniforms in high school never even knowing that today would be our present lives, two strong women accomplishing their dreams every day. 

Just as I was years ago, I am still thankful for Kyrin. She has allowed me to photograph her all these years through all the phases of her life. I am so proud of her and what she has become. It is such an honor to know her.

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Ashland University Wedding: Mr + Mrs Gross

It's the day after Courtney and Zane's wedding but wait no longer, I have a few images to share of the wedding day. More images will be available in the coming weeks!