Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Chloe 2017

Chloe is counting down to her final days of high school and I'm so excited and happy for her. She just got back from an awesome spring break vacation and got a pretty sweet tan just in time to finish the remaining portion of her senior portrait package. Chloe specifically planned out stylish outfits to pair with her Aunt's amazing and stunning back yard! 

Chloe has a lot of talent. One of those talents is being able to literally HIKE through the woods in wedges... Seriously, I still don't know how she did it! If you remember Chloe's last session (View HERE) you might remember her dog was with her. But this time Chloe, being the animal lover she is, wanted to cuddle up to a few of her Aunt's new chicks! Her Aunt has chickens and chicks on the property that Chloe just loves! 

I've had such an incredible time getting to know Chloe and I have adored photographing her amazing sense of style! I am very much looking forward to seeing her thrive in whatever she decides to do with her future!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus Ohio Senior Photographer || Jasmine 2017

Recently, Jonathan and I hiked out to Honey Run Waterfall to get some beautiful portraits of Jasmine! Jasmine REALLY wanted these waterfall shots for her senior portraits and we were blessed with the most perfect day to capture them for her! 

Jasmine is the perfect example that it is never too late in your senior year to get your senior pictures done. I loved getting to speak with her about her plans after high school. She is very much looking forward to furthering her education in southern Ohio at the end of the year! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Everal Barn

This wedding should be proof that Spring weddings need to be more popular than they really are. The sunshine, blue sky and beautiful venue tied together with the yellow and white colors of Leslie and James' wedding day made you feel warm and fuzzy and didn't make you miss Winter in the least! 

Leslie and James really honed in on the Spring theme and made a brilliant arrangement of table centerpieces that educated guests while they searched for their seats. Each table had a different flower with a fact card about the flower accompanied with it's name. (Like I said, brilliant!) Each person's name card was a flower seed packet so while the couple was seating their guests, they were also, subliminally, trying to #bringbackthebees !

All in all, their wedding boils down to one word, splendid. And I hope it felt that way to Leslie and James!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Alfrey Family

This family is #familygoals.... seriously though. They are so supportive of one another AND they work out together too! You might even remember last year when Nikki was pregnant with Piper, we did a work out maternity session that was so inspiring! (Miss it? Click HERE to see it!)

Well they are back in front of my camera and I am so happy to get to finally photograph their newest addition, Miss Piper. She was so happy the entire session. She also has an awesome big brother that loves to give her kisses. Mason is so sweet!

And, can I just comment on their outfits? Seriously amazing how the different blue tones and textures all came together in the most perfect way! I LOVE these outfits!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Chelsea's Maternity Session

I think we might have broken a record for how many outfit changes can be done in a maternity session! haha Each outfit was beautiful on Chelsea. Two outfits were Chelsea's and the two long dresses are new additions to our client closet! :) 

Chelsea is extremely excited to become a mother. In just a few short weeks, she is going to be a first time mom. When Chelsea talks about becoming a mom, she lights up! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Beavers Are Expecting!

In honor of opening day, I'm just gonna leave this right here.... <3 <3 <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Mohican's Landoll Castle: Mr + Mrs Thompson

After a week of weather that was rainy, soggy and just plain gross, we were finally blessed with a day that was the most beautiful definition of Spring! Natasha and Allan planned a secret wedding in a month and invited their intimate family to join them in celebrating their marriage! Landoll's Castle has such a perfect background to host a spring wedding. I was so happy and honored to get to photograph their special wedding day. 

More images will be posted for their preview so be sure to like our facebook page and follow us on instagram for an update on when more images will be posted! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Brown Family

Oh how adorable is this family?! Their outfits are so perfect and remind me so much of Spring! We originally scheduled this session a few weeks ago but it was so bitterly cold outside. Luckily, we got a day that was warmer and filled with sunshine! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Holmes Family

The entire family came out to get some portraits done and celebrate the precious life Marilu is carrying! A sweet baby boy! I was so happy to get to see Tyler, Marilu and little Halle again! Special thanks to Marilu for helping me choose the style gown she is wearing. The gown will be placed in 'The Closet' - a client closet filled with attire available for use during sessions. 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Results of the International Shoot & Share Contest

2016 was an incredible year for us personally and professionally. Along with welcoming a son, Jonathan and I sent our oldest off to kindergarten but also had our most successful year of business yet. Not only did we photograph many wonderful clients and made amazing connections with local vendors and businesses, we also were featured in our first national publication in addition to our work being featured at The Ohio State Fair!

At the end of every year, I look forward to looking over all of the images Jonathan and I have captured and choosing 50 to enter into the International Shoot and Share Contest. This contest (from my knowledge) is the large contest there is. This year over 300,000+ images were entered into their contest from all over the world. I take almost a week each year to choose images from our vault and submit them with the hopes of inspiring others and sharing all the wonderful moments we have seen over the year. I don't choose the images based on anything other than what I feel would speak the greatest to others but what also touched me as an artist myself. Throughout the next week or so, I will be updating this post with the results. They go as follows:

7/50 images placed in the TOP 20% of 332,768 images submitted:

7/50 images placed in the TOP 30% of 332,768 images submitted:

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Baby Hendricks is Brewing - Average Joe's

It was just last September when Lindsay and Mark got married. It wasn't too long after until baby Hendricks was officially announced! I was over the moon excited when Lindsay emailed me and told me! I have been counting down the days until Jon and I got to find out the gender of their baby and photograph this awesome baby shower!

Lindsay, Mark and their loved ones are such event creatives! You might remember their paint war party (Hosted as a way to have their bridal party get to know each other.) or their carnival themed wedding day. But this baby shower theme was brilliant. I love co-ed baby showers. The traditional way is becoming overdone, exclusive and I think the 'Baby is Brewing' theme was a brilliant way to make guys feel comfortable at a baby shower and make a baby shower more relaxed and fun for everyone!

Lindsay and Mark had different stations that guests could independently participate in while socializing, be eating and drinking (yes there was soda and other choices for the mom-to-be and guests!) They had really awesome games too! I loved when Lindsay pulled a plot twist and measured Mark's belly instead of hers haha! The best game was the Wheel of Fortune game that helped reveal that Mark and Lindsay were having a BOY! The little mister's name was revealed too! Porter James Boxill Hendricks. He's going to be such a handsome little man. I can not wait until he arrives! There are so many people that love him so much already!

Greatest of all, it's incredible and such an honor to get to see Mark and Lindsay grow together. I loved watching them open gifts and start to imagine life with a sweet baby of their own. <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Jesse + Todd

Jesse and Todd met up with me here in Mount Vernon for some engagement portraits! It was great getting to know them a little better too! Jesse even told me that wedding planning is almost done! I love how their outfits for the session went so well with the location. I'm looking forward to working with these two on their wedding day and capturing all the fun moments that will happen!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Springer Family

You might not believe it by the snow covered grounds you see today, but these images were taken YESTERDAY! The Springers and I lucked out on the weather!

Every time I see Micah, Joe and Rachel I am filled with so much joy. Micah has grown into such a sweet boy. He has so much happiness in his soul and loves his mom and dad with all the passion his little body can contain. Micah told me about cat boy and owlette (Hello, PJ Masks!) and if you say chocolate, he smiles the biggest smile ever. 

Joe and Rachel are in the midst of a new adventure with their family too! They spent this session telling me about their journey to adopting. My heart is so full for them. I think about how I'm writing this blog post and months from now, I could be writing a new blog post about how they will be a family of four! Rachel gave me so much insight and education on the process of adoption. It was incredible to hear their story and how they are eager to see where God leads them. I was on the brink of tears while speaking about it and even writing about this now. This family, these people, are so so good. I could not think of a more deserving family to have a second baby. I am so excited on what the future will bring to them <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Croswell Family

Oh my goodness, it has been too long since I have photographed this family! Since the last time we got together for a session, one family member joined the military and is stationed states away with his wife, another has embraced the city life and is double majoring in college (One in Russian I hear?!), and then another had their first child. This family is one of accomplishment, witty humor and a lot of love. 

Annmarie and Frank are so proud of their children and literally glow as grandparents! At the end of the session, Frank pulled out his phone and scrolled through the family pictures from our last session. He said he keeps them on his phone and that touched my heart. It had been years ago but those photographs mean so much and now, these new images show so much growth when compared to the last session. 

I can't wait to see what has changed the next time I see these guys! It's always so good to see them <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Danville Senior: Chloe

Ladies and gents, we have a future boss lady on our hands! First of all, Chloe was a junior but worked really hard and had enough credits to graduate THIS year! ( uh, #amazing! Hello, senior status! ) So she is really inspired to get started on moving forward towards the future. She is so excited about what is next in her life. She is looking towards a business degree and possibly a degree that incorporates the arts! This session is just part one of her senior package. I can't wait until the spring when we photograph the rest of her senior portraits. 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Gionna + Hannah - BFFs

From personal experience, I've found you'll have many friends in life. There will be friends you outgrow, friends you'll regret. Then, there will be friends that feel like family. They are your people, your tribe. They have seen you falling apart and at your best shining moment. They weathered every storm, every hurdle, and deep down inside you know you don't deserve them.

Gionna and Hannah are just that. They are not just best friends but they are family. Ever since I was contacted by Gionna to do this session, I was incredibly excited to use photography to celebrate their friendship. These girls are so fun, happy and full of life. They both radiate joy, so much so that it is contagious. 

Gionna and Hannah, thank you for choosing me to capture your smiles and friendship. I loved meeting you. I hope to see you again soon! <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Mount Vernon 2017: Jenna

Jenna had been liking pictures on my instagram FOR. EV. ER. I had been wondering who this girl was and if I'd ever get to meet her! Luckily, I did get to meet and photograph her just recently. She is the sweetest! We bonded over Lularoe and spoke about cosmetology. And can we just talk about her amazing green eyes! Gah!

Thanks Jenna for letting me photograph you! It was such a pleasure to meet both you and your mama!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Matt + Alyssa

I was so happy to meet Matt and Alyssa! Ohio has had some very rainy, cloudy days but I LOVE how it looked for their session and this location. Matt and Alyssa described themselves as easy going and they totally are! They filled their session with so many laughs and talking small talk. I love when it's like I'm not even there to photograph them. They were totally themselves and I enjoyed getting to capture that!

Getting an update on their wedding planning, they are doing great! Hearing all the details about their big day makes me so excited! I can't wait to see it all come together!! 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || A Session Turned Surprise Proposal!

So when I was about 14, my little brother joined boy scouts. He made friends with a few kids and then somehow all our families got involved in boy scouts and that is when I met Jeremy, the kid on the left.

No, he isn't that little anymore. He's actually a grown man now and a member of the military (So the picture is totally fitting!) Jeremy, his sisters, my siblings and I basically all grew up together. So along with growing up with Jeremy, I met his girlfriend, Jessyca, in 2014! She became my intern through the local career center and for 9 weeks she brought me cookies and we made fun of my husband, Jonathan. It was a good time! haha

After Jessyca graduated, she went on to pursue an education for a career in criminal justice and Jeremy continued to go through schooling in the military and serve our country. Their relationship has been through more than most young couple's experience. It was inspirational to see them deal with everything life threw at them and see them fight through it and become closer and closer over time.

So Jeremy texted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would photograph him and Jessyca. I said 'Of course!'. Then the next text was 'Because I have a ring for her.' and then I thought I died right in my office chair. 

'OMG, is he asking me to photograph this proposal?! Is this real life?! Like, FOR SURE happening?!' and sure enough, it was. The entire time Jeremy and I were talking out the details, I thought, "Jess would totally kill me if she knew I knew about all this right now." Because they had been together for four years now and she so badly wants to be his wife. And it was about to happen. And my heart was so full and happy for her. 

So today was rainy but we, come hell or high water... literally, were getting these two engaged TODAY. Jeremy came by the house and dropped off the ring for Jonathan (My husband) to keep in his pocket until the moment was right during the session. Jeremy wanted to try his absolute best to keep Jessyca totally unsuspecting.  He then left to get ready to pick Jessyca up and meet us at the session. It would be the last few hours Jessyca was his girlfriend.

They showed up and in true Jess style, she came up to us and gave us her famous and oh so amazing, home made, chocolate chip cookies that Jonathan would always steal and eat them all before I could have one. Did we mention how much we love Jess? She remembered after all this time.

We began the session and this is how it went:

And that's just how fast a couple's session turns into an engagement session. <3  It was perfect. It was everything. Jessyca was over the moon and so blown away by her beautiful ring and Jeremy was so happy to finally ask Jessyca to be his wife. There were so many hugs and kisses... it was beyond adorable.

Jeremy did something so much more for Jessyca than just buying her a gorgeous ring. He asked for the moment to be photographed. Their family, friends, future children and grandchildren will one day ask how it all happened and while they will be able to sit together and tell the story, they will also have the photographs to show their story.

Congratulations Jeremy and Jessyca. It is beyond what any words could express how happy I am for the two of you. Thank you for letting Jonathan and I be a part of this moment. We love you both and are excited to see what the future brings for you both.

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || JAMES W KEHOE CENTER: Daniel + Emily

As our first wedding of 2017, I am so happy it was Emily and Dan! Wow, what an incredible wedding day from beginning to end. Dan and Emily were married in Emily's family church. She has spent so many years at this church, growing in her faith, and I know it was so special for her to get married there!

In one of my last few emails to Emily before the big day, I was a little sad for her. She mentioned how the forecast didn't show any snow so she didn't think she would get that 'Winter wonderland' look but she, in the way that she always does, was so joyful anyways and looked to positive. She could not wait to be married, snow or no snow. It was to our wonderful surprise that we got the perfect coverage of snow for their day! As we made our way outside to take pictures, this perfect, gentle shower of snowflakes started to drift down making for the most stunning pictures. (Someone take this girl to a casino.... where did she get that luck!?!? ;) )

The reception was absolutely memorable. To Uncle Randy's performance and Emily's father's touching and then absolutely hysterical run down of the beautiful drawings and cards Emily gave him over the years but he was happy to pass down Emily's data overage fees and give Dan the honor of now funding ANY and ALL shopping sprees Emily desires (Because we are woman and we live off Starbucks and Victoria's Secret.... duh... )

Jonathan and I loved getting to know Dan and Emily. Every part of the day was wonderful and we could not have wished a better day for them. I know they are moving out of state and the chance to see them again may be slim but we will keep our fingers crossed and hope to photograph them as their marriage ages in the most beautiful way <3