Let's say NO to CDs. || Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Photographer

I love questions and I love providing answers. It's one of my favorite aspects of my job. (Besides all the other amazing aspects that I couldn't possibly put in a top ten list.) BUT there is one question that I, without a doubt, answer at least once a week.

"Do I get a CD?" or "Can I buy a CD?"

NO. No, no, no, no. Oh and NOOOOOO!

Now wait, don't get your feelings hurt. I love you. Just keep reading. I'm not saying no because I'm the mean ole photographer that won't give you the round shiny object. I actually have a really good reason so hear me out.

Last October, Jonathan needed a new laptop. We walked into Walmart to find just a plain old laptop. Nothing fancy. Just whatever was going to let him use Microsoft Office so we (yes, notice the WE.) can earn that Bachelor's degree that is just in reach. We looked through the variety of options and he bought one. 

He got home, totally excited to use it, opened the box, ripped all the stickers, plastic, annoying other crap they stick all over your brand new laptop and away he went to working on homework.

FASTFORWARD:: 5 months later.

My mother in law bought Lacie (our daughter) a computer game that was on clearance at some store. It came with a disc. Jonathan went to install it on the now, well used laptop.... and WOAH. Two millennials, an angry 4 year old and my 60 year old mother in law were shocked. 


We went to my laptop. No CD drive either. My desktop didn't even have a cd drive option when we custom ordered it months ago. (ha, like I was going to let my 4 year old touch my ENVbeast.... yes, that's it's name. It's well earned.) What was going on?!

I literally got a pain in my chest and my face turned red. I'd already lived through the age of phased out VHS tapes. (Oh the nostalgia of 'Be kind and rewind') but now CDs too! Thank God I bought all the Taylor Swift albums on iTunes as backup. 

So it got me thinking.... I can't even allow my daughter to use a CD to play her games, we don't even have a computer with a CD drive in our home but better yet, I didn't even notice we didn't have a computer without a CD drive because I mean, when was the last time I used a CD? 

I'd be an absolute fraud if I allowed you to spend money to buy a CD from me. When I full well know that CDs are being phased out yet I'm taking your money for a shiny piece of plastic that I know may not be use-able in a few years... that's not right. That's not fair. I am not that person. It's not a good investment for you. It's a waste of your money.

Don't worry though, I made a switch. I made a decision that I thought would be better for you. A better bang for your buck. I offer USBs now. Along with your online galleries that you receive to download images to your computer, I offer my clients to separately buy a USB if they would like. I thought this may be a better lasting alternative than a CD that you soon won't be able to use.

I don't offer it in my normal portrait packages because some families have external drives (like we do) or USBs at home to collect these precious digitals on but, I always have some USBs ready in case one of you need or want a USB specifically for your session. I commend you for wanting to back up your images!

I hope you understand. Old habits die hard. Some of us haven't even let go of bad 80's hair but I know that offering you a USB instead of a CD is a much better option for you. I work hard to create these images because I want you to have them forever. It's so important to me that you have visual memories to share for generations. So lets breathe in the fresh bamboo smells of the new USB and let the scratched up shiny CDs be a thing of the past <3