Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Mohican State Park + Lodge: Mr + Mrs Dillon

Upon my first meeting with Kathryn and Chris, I knew that these nuptials were not about tradition or what 'should' be done at a wedding. They weren't going to tie the knot unless it was on their terms, personalized to them, and most of all, they were comfortable on their day.

This couple met 20 years ago! Kathryn explained, 'A good friend who played an integral role in the beginning of our relationship was actually the officiant at our wedding! We knew a lot of the same people – we and many of our friends worked in the local restaurants and bars – and when some of them found out that we were interested in each other, they did their best to get us together!'

Mohican played a special part in the wedding day, specifically for Chris. The couple wrote, 'Mohican State Park has been an important part of Chris' life since he was a kid.  We started going there together early in our relationship, so it became important to us as a couple as well. We love the great outdoors, and the Gorge Overlook seemed like just the place for our small, family-only ceremony.'

I totally agree, the overlook was perfect for their ceremony and also is one of the most photogenic and scenic parts of the park!

When I asked about their attire, Kathryn and Chris had put SO much thought into how they would look when they celebrated this day. Kathryn incorporated as much personality and style into her look as she could and I LOVED that! She explains in detail, "I have known since I was a little girl that I probably wouldn’t wear a white dress at my wedding.  I have a bit of a rebellious spirit, and I always loved the idea of wearing a black ball gown.  Right after Chris and I got engaged, my sister and I went to Nordstrom to look at dresses “just for fun”.  I tried on my dress, and knew it was the one.  I bought it that day!

I wore a tiara that was custom-made from jewelry that had belonged to my mother and grandmother.  My necklace was really special because it was made from the thumbprint of my father, who passed away in January of 2015.  My mom and sister wore the thumbprint necklace as well.  My bracelet, which served as my “something borrowed”, was on loan from my sister. 

My bouquet was made by Passion Works Studio – an organization in Athens that supports collaborations between artists with and without developmental disabilities.  I’ve always loved their paper flowers!

I should note that Chris put a lot of thought into his accessories as well!  He purchased his tuxedo, and it was a fairly classic cut, but he picked out all the little details – shirt, bow tie, vest, cufflinks, lapel pin, and not one but TWO pairs of designer shoes (one for the ceremony and one for the reception), all on his own!  I thought he looked fabulous! "

Kathryn + Chris' wedding day was full of meaning. They stripped down all the frill to what really mattered to them. From the outside looking in, they love each other's personalities and what makes them unique. They have so much love for their friends and family, they kept focus more on memories, moments and staying true to themselves than any template traditional wedding day could ever achieve. I think future brides should be looking at this couple as inspiration. It's a rare spectacle when you find a couple both dedicated together to create a wedding day that truly reflects them. There were no print outs from Pinterest or stacks of 'Martha Stewart Weddings' to create something they would never remember. They used Kathryn's father's old typewriter for a guest book, played music only they liked and served their favorite foods. The day was not about accommodating guests in what they may enjoy but, it was about sharing their life and personalities with their loved ones for them to enjoy.

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