Maternity Leave and 2016 {Q+A}

Back in the office today editing and answering emails, I am getting the frequent question about my maternity leave so I wanted to make sure I touch base and clarify with you on that! :)

Before we became pregnant, there were a few weddings and sessions that we committed to. (We are totally looking forward to them!) I had planned on a 'soft leave' starting the middle of November and starting a slow down process toward my due date in February. So yes, I will still be shooting this winter, just limiting what I take and what I've committed to!

After our son is born, I plan on starting up again in late march, April 1st at the latest! This is just in time to start back with some fresh Spring sessions and Spring weddings we can't wait for! So when the Earth starts becoming green again, I'll be ready to photograph your beautiful faces once again. 

If you know me, you should already know I have no intention of slowing down for next year. 2015 has been an incredible year. It has been filled with stunning weddings, amazing clients, and many many blessings. Jonathan and I are so thankful to every single soul that supports us. This December will be ENV's 5th birthday! I never imagined the success of this business going so far. It's mind blowing to think of how far we have come! 

2016 will have some surprises and adventures in store that we have yet to share with you but we hope you look forward to continuing to grow with us. Every time you have a session, you invest in this small business that put groceries on our table and clothes on our back. Jonathan and I have always committed to updating you on the growth, plans, and 'going-ons' of the business. We always want you to stay informed and know that we don't see you as another session, but as individuals who have invested in us.

In December, we will be doing our annual roundup and featuring our most popular sessions/weddings as we close out the year! Be sure to check back soon! :) Have an amazing week and do something kind for someone today!