Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Aaron + Nikki

You meet many people in life. Sometimes you meet them with a friendly conversation while waiting to check out at the store, sometimes you meet them in school, through work, and I believe every time you meet someone, it's fate. Nikki and Aaron vaguely knew each other (as that is how it feels in our small county) but it wasn't until a fun night out that Nikki started talking with Aaron and realized that someone really fantastic may have been in front of her the whole time.

I should back up a minute though... I knew Nikki before this adorable romance with Aaron started. Nikki has been such an amazing client of mine for years now. I remember the VERY moment she told me about Aaron. She literally got all giggly and started blushing while she described him to me. I just knew that something fantastic and magical had happened to Nikki. She was wildly in love and she didn't even know it yet.

I have watched Nikki in many chapters of her life, both incredibly happy and sad. Her life is a journey full of lessons that have left her with wisdom and strength that I never knew one person could have. Right before Jonathan and I left our home to go photograph this wedding, I paced around the house packing our gear, tearing up, and thinking of the moments that lead up to this. I reflected back on the first family session when I met Aaron, thought about all the sweet moments that add up to this day and I was so happy for my clients, my friends. 

There is no amount of describing the weather, attire, or centerpieces that will fully embrace what Nikki and Aaron's wedding day meant to them.