Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photography || Mark and Lindsay’s Bridal Party Paint War

The first time Jonathan and I met Lindsay and Mark, I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant we were having our meeting at. We spent about 2 hours or so sitting and laughing. Mark and Jon were so loud, other customers were staring while Lindsay and I looked at each other with that ‘oh my gosh, these boys are embarrassing’ look. That meeting embodies everything we love about Lindsay and Mark and why we are always so excited to see them.

Lindsay and Mark wanted to hold a bridal party social before their wedding. It included beer Olympics, an awesome cook out and the really intense paint war. From my point of view, every couple should be doing this for their bridal party! This is a great way for all the bridal party members to get to know each other and build teamwork skills that may be needed on the day of the wedding! I mean, it’s a fun party to hold for your friends…. why not do this?!

We can not wait to work with this crew again next September on Mark and Lindsay’s wedding day! We know it’s going to be a blast :)