Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || The Beverly Mansion: Greg + Courtney

Meeting Greg and Courtney for the first time, we sat down at a booth at Bob Evans to have breakfast and discuss their wedding plans. Courtney had a clear vision of her day. She wanted to incorporate fall colors and also Greg's love for the outdoors and hunting. She described woodsy center pieces and deer antler decor, it was a rustic dream wedding waiting to happen.

It wasn't the plans and details that caught my attention of wanting to work with this couple and capture their wedding day. It was that when Greg and Courtney sat down with Jonathan and I, we literally talked for a long time about hunting, make up, schooling, and jobs. It was like we had known each other forever. I knew that we could work with this couple easily and flawlessly.

Greg and Courtney have a love that is incredibly bright. If sparks could fly and people could glow when they loved, these two would. They look at each other and their faces light up with complete and total happiness. He adores her with every fiber of his being. No, he's never said it, but you can see it. She loves him flawlessly and absolutely. Courtney and Greg have a love of Christ and a love of each other. It's all they could ever need but the love of their family and friends is just icing on the cake, it's what made their wedding day so perfect.

Courtney had two reveals. One with her girls and one with her brother and father. WOAH, we were all holding back tears. As the bridesmaids and flower girls waited in the ballroom of The Beverly Mansion, you could hear their excitement flow down the hall. The giggles and excited chatter was infectious and even Jonathan and I had beaming smile, so excited for them to see Courtney. As Courtney entered the room, you'd like Taylor Swift had just entered. The girls screamed and clapped, they cried hysterically.

What topped the day for me, was the moment Courtney and her father entered through the vintage doorway. Greg, this 6 foot 3 groom, was smiling so hard. I thought his cheeks were going to bust open! Tears were streaming down his face. It was all I could have ever wanted for them. It was everything. Everything.

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The Beverly Mansion

Lesley Hall

Rachel Held and Andrew Yoder

Johnny Hill

Hair Stylist:
Brie Strait of Ashayla's

Make Up Artist:
Tamara of Ashayla's

Bride's Gown + Bridesmaid Dresses:
Wendy's Bridal
*Bride's gown designer - Allure