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If you follow our facebook page, you may remember the astonishing story of a very special moment that happened on Brooke and Shawn's wedding day.

Need a refresher? Well give me just a second. 

Before the touching moment happened, the rest of the wedding day was simply filled with love and fun. Brooke and Shawn are fun loving people. As you'd think, their bridal party was also full of loved ones who also are fun loving. They filled with the bride and groom's prep rooms with jokes and laughing. They cared for Brooke and Shawn and I don't believe the day would have been the same without them. 

Brooke and Shawn are incredibly lucky people. They have MANY people in their lives that genuinely love and care for them. As guests arrived, comments were made about what Brooke's dress would look like, if Shawn was nervous, and mentioned how happy they were that this moment was happening. Meanwhile, Shawn's buddies were making sure to keep his mind off the anxiousness to see his bride. The bridesmaids were helping with the finishing touches on Brooke's look before she did a first look with her dad. And Brooke's dad? He was out in the lobby, pacing back and forth with a beautiful, small white box with a pink bow in his hand containing a gift for his daughter that he carefully chose for her.

Brooke and Shawn's mothers were a mix of happy tears and smiles. They prayed for this moment for their children and they were filled with such joy that the day had arrived.

The ceremony went perfectly. The reception was filled with dancing, laughing and amazing food. But then it happened. A guest ran inside the reception venue and exclaimed, 'Get Brooke! There is a rainbow!'

As many family members ran outside, we got through the doors, looked up and saw a giant rainbow overhead. It was vibrant and stunning... but then I looked around me and people were crying... not just crying... bawling. They were hugging one another.

Brooke's father came to me and said 'There was a mention of a rainbow at my father's funeral (Brooke's grandfather). When we went outside after his funeral, there was a giant rainbow. Ever since rainbows have shown up at major family events. Family members even have tattoos of rainbows.'

Brooke cried as her new husband wiped away her tears. This meant so much to her, to everyone. I am completely and totally honored to have captured this memory for them. From now until forever, there will be the story of how Grandpa showed up to Brooke's wedding because there was no way he was going to miss it. <

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