Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Kate's Bachelorette Party Shoot

I have to admit, I believe it should be a required to have a photo shoot as part of the Bachelorette Party festivities! When Kate's sister, Audra emailed me about this fun idea, I instantly started brainstorming. I wanted this to be fun, classy, sophisticated and memorable. I didn't know anyone in the group so when I showed up with a giant pot full of rose petals and a smile on my face, I was hoping my ideas would be well received.

These ladies were a dream to photograph! They showed up in the most incredible outfits and they were all so so kind and sweet. I truly had so much fun and it was wonderful to meet each one! They loved celebrating their friend Kate! I mean, when else do you get to throw rose petals on someone?! 

A big thank you to Liz Conley of Elizabeth Conley Studios for referring me to her friends and stepping in front on my lens to celebrate Kate!