Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Mr + Mrs Hendricks

Jonathan and I have spent the last year and a half on an unforgettable journey with Mark and Lindsay. I will never ever forget our contract meeting with them. The boys got drinks from the bar while Lindsay told me about their recent cruise and how much fun they had on their trip together. As we sat down, Lindsay started explaining to me all her wedding plans while Jonathan and Mark were starting a bromance (They were laughing so hard, I thought we were going to get kicked out of the restaurant!)

Since then, we have met their friends and family, capturing their infamous paint party, a state fair engagement session that became nationally published and eagerly awaited this wedding day to be captured. 

Lindsay and Mark gave themselves the time to hand make a LARGE majority of the decor and activities needed to create a carnival/fair themed wedding. They even had their own logo for their wedding day that was everywhere! Circus animal themed centerpieces, carnival games, caricature artists, a photo booth, dessert bar were all set to spoil their guests and create an amazing day to be enjoyed with their loved ones.

I can't believe the wedding has come and gone. As heartbreaking as it feels to know that season of their life is over, I can only hope that we get to continue capturing all the excitement that Lindsay and Mark are about to embark on next. 

Lindsay and Mark, 
I could thank you for a million things but what I want to thank you for most is the joy and happiness you have brought to Jonathan and I. I don't think one week passes by where we don't talk about you two and all the memories we have shared. I am so extremely happy for you to, not for what has happened in the past year but what astonishing adventures you are about to experience together. We are so happy to know you. Thank you for welcoming us into your life. We are so grateful for you.