Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Refusing Exclusion.

I think there is a stigma around high school. Most of us have lived through it, others are still making their journey living day by day while counting down the four years until graduation day. I listen to people and what they have to say and I heard a common issue about high school. The biggest complaint is exclusion. 

You didn't make the team. You (for some awful reason) aren't liked by a certain group of friends at school. There are already too many people in that club you REALLY wanted to join.... There are too many opportunities to be excluded in high school.

I want to admit something and apologize. I created yet another opportunity for you to be excluded and felt like you weren't good enough. That was a very tragic mistake on my part. I started my senior model search this year and I sent out questionnaires to those who were interested and I felt sick to my stomach knowing I was going to exclude someone. I, myself, have lead a life of exclusion even to this very day. I couldn't bear the thought of choosing, of excluding. It's popular among the photography community to have senior reps or models so I always thought I NEEDED to have only a few but I was so wrong.

Our 2016 ENV Seniors

Our 2016 ENV Seniors

I considered not having any program for the class of 2017. Then again, I wanted to have something exciting for Seniors to be apart of. So I made a decision. I'm opening the door to all seniors to be apart of the ENV Seniors program. Instead of only a few seniors being apart of earning discounts, free sessions, prints, and gift cards I remembered that 'birds of a feather flock together' and there are MANY flocks in high school. Some are athletic, some are artistic, some just don't know who they are or what they want to do but everyone should have an opportunity. No more excluding. No more of making others feel like they are less. 

So how does this work? Every Senior who books a session will receive a paper at their session with a list of what your referrals earn you. Refer one friend? You earn something. Refer FIVE friends... you earn something even better. You don't have to refer anyone, you don't have to participate BUT I feel like you deserve a thank you when you show your friends how ENV captured your personality and style. 

Seniors are unique. They are always so excited about all the new opportunities ahead of them. Each one has a different plan for their life, a different style and personality to show off. I love capturing this time in their life and getting to give them something to look back on. 

2017 Seniors, you are welcomed to contact us HERE to book a session and be an ENV Senior. I can not wait to meet you!