Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || The Barn at Heather Glen: Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

Cara and Stephen's wedding day was incredible. A little bit of rain for good luck, their stunning venue, amazing bridal party and the love of family and friends made their wedding day so special. Even before the ceremony started, Stephen made sure there was a way to let Cara know, he was in this for the long haul (aka, forever.) He got crafty and created an amazing letter that incorporated his love for hunting, their little inside jokes and even reaffirming his promises to her. 

Cara put so much thought into her details. He bouquet featured expressive broaches from her friends and family. A very special Dory pin stood out to me and Cara shared with me that it was a tiny memorial of her recently lost friend hidden in her bouquet.

I am so happy that Jonathan and I got to capture this beautiful couple at this breathtaking venue. They are sweet as pie and I fully believe they are going to have one heck of a happily ever after. 

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