Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Carlie + Cody

Carlie and Cody are complete sweethearts! When we were going through the booking process, I asked about the location and Carlie REALLY wanted to photograph the session in Mohican. Cody proposed to Carlie on the gorgeous overlook in the park. I absolutely loved that I would get to photograph them in a setting that told part of their story. 

Sometimes we get lost in always wanting what 'Pinterest Penny' may have pinned or worry if our photos are clever, funny, different enough to get enough 'likes' online but these two didn't let that get to them. They were thinking about what they wanted 30 years from now. When they sit down and talk about these images, they will trigger memories of what they felt on the day of the proposal and remember what weather was like and what season it was. 

I hope these capture their happiness and suspense that comes with being engaged, counting down until they get their titles of husband and wife.<3