Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Boho Styled Shoot - Class of 2017: Kaylee

It was mid busy season, I had a session reschedule which meant I had an opening. Then, I had a moment. It's one of those moments that sometimes photographers get when we need to creatively exhale.

Let me explain. I love to create photographs for our clients.  I live to capture what they love and want to remember forever but in the mix of doing so day after day, my own personal creativity can sometimes be shoved onto the back burner. So, when I had a moment to do so, I exhaled my servants heart for a few hours and set up a shoot to let my creative spirit run wild.

I had a craving to shoot something I had always wanted to so I went for it. I told myself that I was going to post a model call for a bohemian inspired session and see what happened. I did just that and God brought the right girl in front of my lens. Kaylee inquired and said 'My style is so bohemian! I would love to do this!' 

After speaking with Kaylee, looking over some outfits, and creating a plan. We were ready for our shoot. I searched all over for the perfect pieces to accessorize her outfits.... the hats, cardigans, jewelry, flower crowns... I was so excited to do this! When we started the session, we had no limit of time except the sun. Kaylee was down for anything. Standing in strange waters, climbing weeping willows.... she was beyond excellent and awesome. I can not say enough about this sweet girl.

To wrap up this post, the following is what we ended with. Neverland meets Disney's Maleficent. Starving singer/songwriter meets the most stylish bohemian chick you'll ever meet.

This is everything I wanted and needed out of this shoot. This senior session is exactly what I want to provide to Knox County and the surrounding area. With me, you are not bound by 'the norm'. You are not bound by what others expect you to wear or look like. You are allowed to be whatever you want. I hope I expressed Kaylee in a way that was true to her but magnified by a thousand. I wanted to find a model that knew this was her style but we created a world around her style that expressed what is authentic to her truest self.