Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Shakti Fit Workout: Nikki's Maternity Session

Nikki got serious about working out a while ago. I've watched her try running, diets, light work outs at home.... but it wasn't until she found Shakti Fit that she started to become HAPPY to work out. Before her wedding last year, she trained constantly. She looked fabulous at her wedding but she wasn't going to let one event in her life be the only reason she wanted to get fit. Even after her wedding, she kept training. 

I swear, she's like, addicted to working out now. I've watched it go from goals, to a passion, and florish into a lifestyle. Then, she found out that little Piper was on the way! Although she was happy, she was terrified to let the pains of pregnancy tarnish her healthy lifestyle... so she kept going. In this session, Nikki is 32 weeks pregnant and savoring some of her last work outs before her sweet daughter arrives!

Nikki is an inspiration. I can truly say that she did this work out as if it was NOTHING. It was truly awesome. I really enjoyed doing a session like this. It was fun to capture all the moments and the different style. I hope to do more in the future!