Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Clintonville Woman's Club: Andrew + Kelli

Each time I write a blog for a wedding, I can't wait to 'word vomit' all the wonderful things about the day and the couple. When I went to start on this entry, the first thing that came to my head about Andrew + Kelli was, 'You will never meet people as genuine, kind, considerate, loving, and interesting in your entire life.' and I am being SO for real. 

Kelli and Andrew met at THE Ohio State University while obtaining education in music! They are now music teachers and they LOVE their jobs. Throughout their wedding day, there were tiny touches of their love for music placed throughout the decor and activites. The music note paper with the centerpieces, the harpist during the ceremony and the amazing live band that entertained their wedding reception it all embodied them and how they met. 

When I say these two are kind, considerate and loving.... woah do I have a story for you. When we were set to meet to talk about their photography, I was 4-5 months pregnant at the time. While on the freeway, I got sick (Oh yeah, real life talk right here, right now. Yay for morning sickness.) I was MORTIFIED! I thought, 'There is no way I can walk into this meeting like this. What am I going to do?' So I went to a nearby Target with minutes until meeting time to get new clothes but I just kept getting sick. Minutes went by. I was stuck in the Target bathroom, the hottest mess I've been in my life and I knew what I had to do. I had to tell Kelli I needed (desperately) to go home. You would NOT believe how nice Kelli was! She even asked to re-schedule. She still wanted to meet with me! When I got to meet with them at the rescheduled meeting, they treated me like nothing happened. They made me feel like I was still a professional they wanted to work with. I knew from that moment, I would be absolutely honored to photograph their wedding day should I be chosen and I was so thankful that they chose me.

To the friends and family that surround this couple, don't you ever let them go. These two, as I am sure you already know, are what the world needs more of. The love you showed Kelli and Andrew on their wedding day was so wonderful to capture and we were so happy to photograph every laugh, smile and dance m! 

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Clintonville Woman's Club

The Flowerman Columbus

Cake Artist: 
Bachman’s Cakes of Distinction

Paradise Island Band

Hair Artist: Jilian Ortiz

Make Up Artist: Carrie Frazier