Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Granville, Ohio: Mr + Mrs. Boeving

A few years ago, Mariah was a bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed, she moved out of state and met Will. So let me start by saying that they planned a very large majority of this wedding from out of state with the help of family and friends here in Ohio. I think that is so impressive and amazing!

But let me unpack this wedding day for you:
Beautiful, private semi-mansion estate in Granville, Ohio. Dresses hung. Make up scattered. Mariah is surrounded by her friends. Moms are adding the last of decor. Guys are kinda wandering around. Then it's time to get ready! Grandma and mom help mariah into her gown. Three generations of women. In one room. Helping the youngest make her final preparations to become a wife. A partner. A help mate. We decide, let's do a first look... but with the bridesmaids. They were so happy for their friend, their sister. Mariah sat in a chair in the prep room. She was almost perfection. The last thing she needed to complete her look was a prayer and blessing over her from the ladies she loved most in her life. Her friends she's known all her life. Her absolutely adorable grandmother. Her mom who had been praying her child's entire life for someone like Will. Someone to take care of her baby. 

Meanwhile, the guys were downstairs getting their ties on. Oh don't forget the Trump socks! *Insert groomsmen 'build a wall' jokes here*

Will and Mariah take a deep breath, hold hands behind a wall and say a prayer. This prayer was significant. It's the last one they make as an engaged couple in love. Their next one will be at the alter, holding hands as husband and wife. 

Everyone lined up for the ceremony. It's perfect. Everything is perfect. The moment comes where the doors open and Mariah and her dad walk down the aisle. She's stunning. Will sees his girl, his bride, his wife. He's crying. We are all crying. It doesn't take long for Mariah to giggle, Will smiles. 

The reception went like you think it would. It was packed full of laughter and smiles. It is happy and there is not a worry in the room. Their hard work paid off. It's safe to say that Mariah and Will has the most beautiful and relaxed wedding.