Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || White Oak Inn: Mr + Mrs Medders

Lindsey and Donny understand the basics to a happy wedding day. Close family, small ceremony, investing in the things that mattered most to them and skipping on all the useless, traditional aspects that weren't centered on their marriage.

I'm all for photographing a big wedding day. Weddings are like people, in the sense that they are all different. But if your heart is in the same place as Lindsey and Donny's when they planned their wedding day. I can guarantee you will be happy with the way your wedding day went.

When called me, I was so excited when she told me all her plans. The words Etsy, mod cloth, and 'lots of pictures of us' came through the earpiece of my phone and I had the biggest smile on my face. I thought 'These guys get it. They understand the true meaning of a wedding!'

Lindsey found a beautiful dress that fit her style perfectly. It was comfortable, she could move in it and she felt fantastic. They chose a venue that was sweet, surrounded by nature and wasn't too over the top. 

All they wanted for their wedding day was to celebrate their union and love with some of the ones they loved. After the ceremony, they sat down, facetimed Lindsey's brother, made some toasts and ate some cake. It was sweet and genuine to who they were. They had a fantastic day. It wasn't stressful, they felt loved and they had no regrets about choosing a small wedding over a big, over the top, event that 'just wasn't them' as Lindsey put it.

I was honored to be apart of their wedding day. Their family welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like for a few hours I was a close friend just enjoying the day with them. 

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Venue: White Oak Inn -

Dress Designer: Mod Cloth

Hair Artist: Morgan at Ooh La La Beauty Salon -