Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Mount Vernon 2017: Molly

ENV: What will you miss most about high school? 
Molly: seeing my friends everyday.
ENV: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? 
Molly: I see myself becoming a social worker 10 year down the road.
ENV: What's one high school memory you'll never forge?
Molly: One high school memory I will never forget is when I came to the career center and got out of my shell and became friends with other people from other schools.
ENV: Which year of high school was your favorite? Why? 
Molly: My favorite year of high school would have to be my junior year because I got to do hands on things instead of sitting at a desk all day.
ENV: Favorite song right now?
Molly: My favorite song right now is H.O.L.Y. by Florida Georgia Line.