Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || A Session Turned Surprise Proposal!

So when I was about 14, my little brother joined boy scouts. He made friends with a few kids and then somehow all our families got involved in boy scouts and that is when I met Jeremy, the kid on the left.

No, he isn't that little anymore. He's actually a grown man now and a member of the military (So the picture is totally fitting!) Jeremy, his sisters, my siblings and I basically all grew up together. So along with growing up with Jeremy, I met his girlfriend, Jessyca, in 2014! She became my intern through the local career center and for 9 weeks she brought me cookies and we made fun of my husband, Jonathan. It was a good time! haha

After Jessyca graduated, she went on to pursue an education for a career in criminal justice and Jeremy continued to go through schooling in the military and serve our country. Their relationship has been through more than most young couple's experience. It was inspirational to see them deal with everything life threw at them and see them fight through it and become closer and closer over time.

So Jeremy texted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would photograph him and Jessyca. I said 'Of course!'. Then the next text was 'Because I have a ring for her.' and then I thought I died right in my office chair. 

'OMG, is he asking me to photograph this proposal?! Is this real life?! Like, FOR SURE happening?!' and sure enough, it was. The entire time Jeremy and I were talking out the details, I thought, "Jess would totally kill me if she knew I knew about all this right now." Because they had been together for four years now and she so badly wants to be his wife. And it was about to happen. And my heart was so full and happy for her. 

So today was rainy but we, come hell or high water... literally, were getting these two engaged TODAY. Jeremy came by the house and dropped off the ring for Jonathan (My husband) to keep in his pocket until the moment was right during the session. Jeremy wanted to try his absolute best to keep Jessyca totally unsuspecting.  He then left to get ready to pick Jessyca up and meet us at the session. It would be the last few hours Jessyca was his girlfriend.

They showed up and in true Jess style, she came up to us and gave us her famous and oh so amazing, home made, chocolate chip cookies that Jonathan would always steal and eat them all before I could have one. Did we mention how much we love Jess? She remembered after all this time.

We began the session and this is how it went:

And that's just how fast a couple's session turns into an engagement session. <3  It was perfect. It was everything. Jessyca was over the moon and so blown away by her beautiful ring and Jeremy was so happy to finally ask Jessyca to be his wife. There were so many hugs and kisses... it was beyond adorable.

Jeremy did something so much more for Jessyca than just buying her a gorgeous ring. He asked for the moment to be photographed. Their family, friends, future children and grandchildren will one day ask how it all happened and while they will be able to sit together and tell the story, they will also have the photographs to show their story.

Congratulations Jeremy and Jessyca. It is beyond what any words could express how happy I am for the two of you. Thank you for letting Jonathan and I be a part of this moment. We love you both and are excited to see what the future brings for you both.