Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || JAMES W KEHOE CENTER: Daniel + Emily

As our first wedding of 2017, I am so happy it was Emily and Dan! Wow, what an incredible wedding day from beginning to end. Dan and Emily were married in Emily's family church. She has spent so many years at this church, growing in her faith, and I know it was so special for her to get married there!

In one of my last few emails to Emily before the big day, I was a little sad for her. She mentioned how the forecast didn't show any snow so she didn't think she would get that 'Winter wonderland' look but she, in the way that she always does, was so joyful anyways and looked to positive. She could not wait to be married, snow or no snow. It was to our wonderful surprise that we got the perfect coverage of snow for their day! As we made our way outside to take pictures, this perfect, gentle shower of snowflakes started to drift down making for the most stunning pictures. (Someone take this girl to a casino.... where did she get that luck!?!? ;) )

The reception was absolutely memorable. To Uncle Randy's performance and Emily's father's touching and then absolutely hysterical run down of the beautiful drawings and cards Emily gave him over the years but he was happy to pass down Emily's data overage fees and give Dan the honor of now funding ANY and ALL shopping sprees Emily desires (Because we are woman and we live off Starbucks and Victoria's Secret.... duh... )

Jonathan and I loved getting to know Dan and Emily. Every part of the day was wonderful and we could not have wished a better day for them. I know they are moving out of state and the chance to see them again may be slim but we will keep our fingers crossed and hope to photograph them as their marriage ages in the most beautiful way <3