Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Winston's First Borkday!

Borkday - a dog's day of birth. Comparable to a human's birthday.

Happy birthday to Winston Thatcher McCarthy! My brother and mom even fight over who the dog loves more. Winston was a happy addition to my family. We lost our sweet Riley about a year prior to Winston's birthday and there was just an empty place in my mom's house and my brother's life. Winnie has been a fun and sometimes annoying part of our family for some time now!

Winnie is a total goof! He loves to give hugs and likes to take your hand and walk you to wherever in the house he thinks you should be. He's a complete cuddle bug too! He loves sleeping with his humans. Overall, just a big baby! (Oh and he is a goldendoodle.)

We love you so much you sweet little floofer woofer!

*YES the cake was ok for him. YES we made sure. NO you do not need to worry. :)