Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || PERSONAL: Lacie

Today marks seven years of my life I've been apart of motherhood. Better yet, it marks seven years of a soul who has literally shifted the world for others. 

Lacie is extremely special. My mentality with her has always been, "She is so good we don't deserve her." As a baby, she was incredibly happy. Always smiling, cuddling with stuffed animals and wanting to help. Nothing about her has changed. 


Last year, her birthday was a mess. We were on our way to McDonald's (Her request because she didn't want me to work to make her dinner, only wanting me to spend time with her.) and we were hit by another car while stopped at a red light. She didn't deserve it but she was so absolutely kind about it. The minute we were hit she was taking care of her little brother. She wasn't angry and upset like I was, she was just caring for others. That's just how she does things. 

Just recently, Lacie lost two teeth. Two days later she took all the money she had including her tooth fairy month and gave it all to the school for food for the hungry. She said "I have food and I don't need money. I want to give this to people who are hungry because I don't want anyone to feel that way." After we prepare the money for school and get her to bed, I walked to our room stunned thinking, this isn't even something I can take credit for as a parent. How do you raise a tiny human to be this selfless and good?

Even in the last few days, Lacie was let down by some people who she loves and has respect for. It was sad and heartbreaking. She cried on our front porch to talk about it. Again, she wasn't angry, she was just so sad and disappointed. Asking questions of 'Why would they do that?' and 'I try so hard not to do the wrong thing!' but she couldn't understand why they didn't do the same and I couldn't help her.

This has kind of been the theme of the year. And please, understand that it hasn't been this entire year of sad situations but just a common theme around the conflicts she faced. We have become obsessed with WonderWoman. I'm not a DC comic fan at all but Gal Gadot as WonderWoman is amazing to us. Lacie loves the movie and I then explained to her how Gal was actually a military veteran in Isreal and was a real soldier. I also told her about how even though Gal had a baby in her belly, she still filmed WonderWoman too! Being pregnant and a woman didn't stop her from doing whatever she wanted. 

My goal is to raise her with a heart for Christ and the mentality that she can do WHATEVER she wants no matter her age, gender, size, or any obstacle. You can always work to achieve what you want. It might not happen as easy or fast as you'd like it too but God has your back and will lead you through.

“Be careful in the world of men, Diana, for they do not deserve you.” 

- Queen Hippolyta (Wonderwoman)

As many of you know, Lacie had a very bad health scare when she was 18 months old. We woke up one morning and she looked like someone had beat her. She was COVERED in bruises of all sizes, even one that was hand shaped. I was terrified. Called her father, called my mom. I put her in the bath and looked closer at her little body, counting the bruises and then I noticed tiny red speckles all over her. I googled and it was petechia. The words to follow were cancer and leukemia. We went to Urgent Care and from there were rushed to Children's. As a mother, you know when you don't have to wait in the ER and they have a room for you, ready, with the word 'isolation' by the door, it's not good. Jonathan and I thought we were going to lose our daughter. After holding my sweet 18 month old down for blood draws, playing Taylor Swift to calm her, we had test results back. Where a regular platelet count is between 150,000 and 300,000 for a child, she only had 2,000. Her blood was not clotting, basically had no immune system. How did my perfectly healthy child wake up one morning like this?

After more tests and 3 days staying on the oncology floor, we were told Lacie had a rare blood disorder called Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. ITP (as it's shorter name) is when the immune system mistakenly attacks platelets.  It is a disorder that can lead to easy or excessive bruising and bleeding. The bleeding results from unusually low levels of platelets — the cells that help blood clot. As 20 year old parents, we were blindsided and had no idea what this was. By God's grace, it was treatable and we were told Lacie would lead a perfectly normal life. Her ITP has been dormant since with only a few little traces of petechia every once in a while that results in a finger prick blood draw to make sure all is alright.

I share this story because A) it could save a life. and B) we are always reflecting on how precious life is. Some don't understand why our family celebrates birthdays with such enthusiasm. It usually includes a HUGE family dinner, special outfits and more but we realize that birthdays are not a guarantee each year. We value them because we know scares like these and loss.


So, to my beautiful, smart, theatrical sidekick who is my shopping buddy and I can always depend on the listen to Taylor Swift with me, I love you so much, sweet darling. You are a breath of fresh air and as Wonderwoman's mother told her, "The world does not deserve you." <3

To those who read through all of this, I want to thank you so much. At Lacie's request, if you feel your heart wanting to give today, please donate to the people that saved her life. Donating in her honor would thrill her more than any present would. You can make a donation to Nationwide Children's Hospital at this link HERE