Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Everal Barn

This wedding should be proof that Spring weddings need to be more popular than they really are. The sunshine, blue sky and beautiful venue tied together with the yellow and white colors of Leslie and James' wedding day made you feel warm and fuzzy and didn't make you miss Winter in the least! 

Leslie and James really honed in on the Spring theme and made a brilliant arrangement of table centerpieces that educated guests while they searched for their seats. Each table had a different flower with a fact card about the flower accompanied with it's name. (Like I said, brilliant!) Each person's name card was a flower seed packet so while the couple was seating their guests, they were also, subliminally, trying to #bringbackthebees !

All in all, their wedding boils down to one word, splendid. And I hope it felt that way to Leslie and James!