Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Jake is Four!

When Jake and his family arrived at my studio, Jake had this look on his face. It was a mix of 'where have my parents taken me now?' curiosity and 'is this going to be fun?' anticipation. Jake's parents brought a bag full of outfits for us to plan through. We chose a few but the 'must have' outfit was a baseball themed one. I had the PERFECT backdrop to fit it. 

I said 'Well I got this new American flag themed one recently we can use?' I instantly got a round of 'YES!' accompanied by head nods and smiles. Just what I like to see :D

Jake is such a fun, lively, cute little boy. He is a very good listener and loves his family so much. He was always looking to make them laugh while he posed for pictures. He's a natural model, guys! haha At the end, we brought out the baseball outfit, set the backdrop and had a few baseballs to play with. Jake was having a blast as we played a few silly games in between shots. 

To the Whisner family: Thank you for allowing me to photograph Jake and meet your family. Jake was such a silly little blessing to have in front of my camera! You all are so sweet and kind. I loved getting to work with you!