Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || 2017 Graduate: Kyrin

It's been a while since Kyrin has been in front of my camera but Kyrin was one of my very first clients. Years ago, I got the wild idea to do a styled shoot that required someone in a wedding gown who would lay in the snow. Kyrin was all game. She messaged me and we hiked around an area for a while. She never complained how cold it was and did whatever I needed her to. I am just so thankful for her!

Here we are years later and Kyrin has graduated with a nursing degree! Kyrin and I both went to school together so it was hard not to play a reel of memories in my head while I was editing these pictures. We both would wear our AFJROTC Uniforms in high school never even knowing that today would be our present lives, two strong women accomplishing their dreams every day. 

Just as I was years ago, I am still thankful for Kyrin. She has allowed me to photograph her all these years through all the phases of her life. I am so proud of her and what she has become. It is such an honor to know her.