Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Photographer || Mount Vernon's Ariel - Foundation Park 4th of July Fireworks

Ah, the day after the 4th of July... nothing like feeling exhausted, possibly hung over and dreading going back to work. But, you have to admit, yesterday was worth it. The food, drinks, time with family and friends. It just wouldn't be summer without the 4th of July.

There are very few times a year when you get to sit back at watch professional fireworks. For me, growing up near Cincinnati, you had the 4th of July and then the WEBN fireworks. Each year, my mother reminds me of the year 1991. She sat, in labor watching Dayton's 4th of July fireworks out her hospital room window. From that year on, my dad would convince me that they shot the fireworks off for me. They were celebrating my birthday. When I was about 10 I finally came to the hard realization that they were not for me. But it is a nice addition to my birthday each year that many others don't have.

Point being, a large part of my life and memories have been built around fireworks and patriotism. When I finally learned how to photograph fireworks a few years ago, I have made it a priority to photograph them each year as a little birthday present to myself. 

So after one phone call to the director of Ariel-Foundation Park, several drive-bys of the park days before to scout out the PERFECT spot to sit and photograph these fireworks and waking up at 8:30 am on the 4th of July to claim said perfect spot, the best part was when my mom watched the results of the photographs on the back of my camera and said 'I really want a print of one of these in my office.' 

Maybe in some small way, I've made up for that one 4th of July 26 years ago where she had to watch them out the hospital window while in labor with me. 

Either way, I hope that these photographs bring joy to those who want to relive and reminisce on the amazing pyrotechnic display that so many hard working men and women put together.