Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Event Photographer || Bianca's Quinceanera Portraits + Party

Years ago, we were in Bianca's backyard. Her older sister, Odalys was dressed in her beautiful Quinceanera gown and I was photographing her official portraits. Bianca, who was a young elementary student at the time, said "I can't wait for my Quinceanera! I'm going to have a red dress! I want you to photograph it!'

At the time, I was in the midst of building my business and I had no idea if I'd be around when she turned 15! (Just a small lesson to never doubt yourself!) So when the time came and Bianca's mom emailed me saying it was now Bianca's turn to celebrate, I couldn't help remember a little Bianca once predicting the future! This weekend, here I was, photographing her Quinceanera and she had her red dress!

Here are a few sneak peek images of Bianca's big day and also some of her portratis!