Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Proposal Photographer || Travis' Dog-Gone Good Proposal to Noley

For a few weeks now, Noley's sister and my former bride, Katie, Travis and I have been planning Noley's proposal. So many elements came into play. Work schedules, transportation, the execution of the actual proposal. Well it all came together today.

Noley has been a bridesmaid in several weddings I've done. Each one she has been so supportive, helpful and loving to her friends. Today, I got to watch that good karma come full circle. 

It was told to Noley that family pictures were going to be done today. The outfits were chosen, time, location... all without her knowing what was to come. Travis wrote a note on the collar of their dog, Luna. As Noley walked with her mom to 'meet up with' Travis and Luna, she got closer as Luna ran to her and seen the note. The end of the note said, 'Dad has a question for you.'

Not only did Travis propose. He also helped arrange for Noley's best friend Victoria to fly in from Texas JUST FOR this proposal! Noley turned around and saw her best friend and BFF's mom walking across the bridge. Noley ran so quick past me, you can see the only close up shot of her reaction I got! (hahah!) Multiple friends and family were on facetime watching this unfold it was definitely a family event!

What an incredible moment in their lives! I'm so thrilled for them! What a good YES day! 
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