Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || The Wright Family

Every time I edit, I think about the clients I am editing. For new clients, I wonder what they have seen, where they have been, and make mental notes of questions I’d love to ask them if I saw them again.

With Hannah and Josh, I think about our time together. They’ve seen me through a lot. Our very first session was in the Winter, many years ago, at Kenyon College with their dog. They were just dating. I was new to photography. It was freezing… It was a session I was proud of and I still remember to this day. They had driven all the way to Gahanna to visit my temp studio in 2014 and to this day, they simply trust me. They are clients that I value with every fiber of my being.

Through pregnancy, job changes, stressful times and the best times, I’ve had such a great honor of photographing them. These images, they just add to the story. Aubree was the happiest she’s ever been during a session and I continue to watch Jeremiah grow and show off his personality. I see so much beauty in this family, in what they once were and what they have grown into now. I hope to continue these portraits for them and maybe, one day, I’ll be skipping rocks with the kids even when they are seniors, just like we did during this session.