Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Portrait Photographer || The Ladies of LIFT [The Loft]

Friends, meet Ramey, Hayden and Morgann. Three brilliant, strong, resilient boss ladies who are, in my opinion, some of the most educated and talented hair and make up artists there are in central Ohio. If you don’t know them, you should. They have a loft in the Columbus, Ohio / Polaris Mall area but also service clients for hair and make up on location.

I met Ramey through one of my clients. I was on the journey for a hair stylist who could battle my red tint to my hair when I wanted it lightened and I could really get along with. I invest a lot in my hair and it’s one of my ‘self care’ treats when I get my hair done. When I go to a stylist, I need to feel cared for. No, not babied. I just need a friend who I can talk to and get along with in addition to trusting with my hair! Ramey was that person. We instantly clicked and later on I met Morgann (and Layken!) and then Hayden. These ladies are so passionate. They truly care. They believe in honesty, inner and outer beauty and truly truly care for each person they serve. They are very much like me but in the cosmetology field.

I am thankful to have these ladies in my life. I’m even more thankful they entrusted me with these portraits. I know and love a lot of people in the beauty field yet they are the very first ones to ask me to photograph their salon/team for them. It really means a lot to me and is a check off my bucket list! I know these ladies have some really amazing additions and ventures coming to their business. They are smart and I know they have tons of room to grow even from where they are now! I’m lucky to know them <3

Should you want to view their work or follow them, their social media outlets are listed below:
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