Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Our Leo is Three!

So, I think that over the past few years, you guys have saw my post shift focus from mentioning my family to just focusing on my clients. I started to limit sharing our family moments after Jon and I had a conversation and we didn’t want to exhaust you by talking about ourselves. We wanted to focus on being servants and spotlighting our clients.

Well, I really wanted to share this with you! Leo is your typical boy. High energy, very tactile, and wanted to adventure. He’s very strong and strong willed too. Pictures are a NIGHTMARE with him. Literally, when I say ‘We gotta do pictures.’ the whole family acts like their life is ending because we all know how Leo is gonna act.

So for Leo’s yearly ‘big’ photoshoot, I had been brainstorming ideas. I thought we could use play dough for a session, maybe trucks, and I did think of paint. I admit, I can’t take 100% credit for this one. In a group I’m in, a photographer had her daughter in their kitchen painting. I loved the idea but I really love to simplify things. Strip it down to where it was really focused on Leo. His little hands, feet, smile. His wild boy hair and his big blue eyes. I wanted to focus on that. So we did just that. Jon joked about Bob Ross but that was literally my theme. I wanted a white shirt to keep as a keepsake but light jeans, a plain background and just him, being the artist.

So this is how it went. If you, my clients, want to do this sometime, PLEASE let me know! I would love to but it takes some prep so I need to know ahead of time. I hope you all enjoy this and I think you’ll see that Leo REALLY enjoyed this and it has been his best session TO DATE! <3