Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Senior Photographer || Highland 2019: Isaiah

Isaiah really surprised me when he showed up to the studio. He immediately introduced himself and shook my hand. This typically isn’t the norm. Seniors sometimes arrive to sessions nervous and unsure of what a session entails so the parent is typically the one doing most of the talking at first. This was not the case and I was thrilled that Isaiah was so excited for his session.

Isaiah’s outfits are incredible. Believe me when I chuckled a bit at the fanny pack. Heads up: Their making a comeback! During Isaiah’s session, he, his dad, and I spoke about life, college, and sports. Isaiah is passionate about football and lifting. I really enjoyed Isaiah’s energy and personality that I think shines through in his images. I am so happy I got to meet him and his father. They are really great people!

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