Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Mister ONEderful: Hudson

Hudson is back! Do you remember this little man?! Over 2000 people read his miracle birth story last year when I documented his birth (You can read about it here)

Hudson is such a sweet little man. I am so absolutely smitten with his smile and giggles. He was LOVING the cakes that he got to eat on. As you can see, one is for his traditional birthday and the other is celebrating his heart journey. His little fox you see with him in images is his ‘scar buddy’ that shares his same scars and lists Hudson’s diagnosis too. (This little fix is so cool and hudson loves him!)

I am so happy to get to see Hudson thriving and about to head towards his next heart adventure. God has made him a little champion and watching him grow is a testament to God’s strength and love.

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