Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Meet Victoria

Y’all! Victoria is here! And with a bunch of hair and a sweet little face! I can not believe she is finally here. Her mom and dad are beyond thrilled that she is no longer a dream but a reality. Her dad is like, beyond over-the-moon THRILLED to be the dad of a girl!

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Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Little Natalee Grace

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn + Birth Photographer

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Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Little Aspen

Little Aspen is a very active baby! Mom said that even in the belly, he was constantly moving. That wasn’t any different for his first newborn portraits. I did, however, convince him to accept the swaddles because the swaddles are good… he finally agreed haha!

Aspen’s mom knitted some AMAZING items for his session. She worked on them her entire pregnancy and they are beautiful! Those items are going to be amazing for Aspen to grow up with knowing his mom made them with so much love!

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Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Little Cecilia

Look at this girl! She gave her parents and I quiet the experience in her session (hilarious!) and I just love her images! Her parents are so blessed with such a cutie with personality and lots of hair! LOVE!

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We are now booking maternity and newborn sessions for September, October, November and December. Please be sure to contact us if you or someone you know is interested!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Harlow

Look at this girl! Do you see all that hair?! I adore little Harlow. She is such a chill baby who enjoys all the cuddles. She was AMAZING during her very first portraits!

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Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Sweet Little Avery

I have been waiting on Avery's arrival! I think her family has too! Here is a sneak peek of her session as I work on more. If you missed her parent's maternity session, you can view it HERE

I'm beyond excited that Avery thought I was worthy of some smiles! She is such a precious little girl. And can we talk about how adorable her big sister is?! She's excited to watch Avery grow and teach her all the things! haha

It's such a blessing to know this family and document these very special moments that often pass by so quickly! Now they have these images forever to look back on!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Kinslee

Look at this little princess! I am so happy that I got to meet Kinslee and photograph her newborn images. She's such a beautiful little girl. Enjoy this preview and be sure to follow us on social media for updates! Should you use any of these on social media, please provide credit to us! <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Bailee

Oh my goodness! For years and years, Katie and Derek have been my clients. I am so thankful to them and their support. Through each session, I have watched them grow together. I have waited so long for this session! Miss Bailee is a little blessing. She has such a personality already and TONS of facial expressions! I am so happy I got to photograph this milestone in their lives and Bailee's very first portraits!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Little Kenzley

I loved getting to meet the Richie family. They are funny, kind, and now have a new little blessing to add to their clan! Little Kenzley was amazing to photograph. Look at all that hair too! She has a very sweet big sister who loves her to the moon and back. Izabella was beyond excited to get professional photographs with her new little sister. I loved watching Izabella love on Kenzley! It was beautiful!

Their entire family is so wonderful! Look at them! I know that I loved getting to document this time in their lives and I hope to see them again as Kenzley grows and creates a personality that fits into their family dynamic!

Mount Vernon, Ohio \ Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Sweet Little Jayden

Goodness gracious, Jayden is such a handsome little man! He was so good for me during his very first portraits! He was flashing me smiles and settled into poses. He was a little model. 

A few years ago, Jayden's mama was one of my seniors. To now see her as a part of a sweet little family makes my heart so full! They are a precious little tribe that I CAN NOT wait to see grow together. 

Thank you both so much for allowing me to meet and photograph mister Jayden!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Riverside: Hudson's Dramatic Arrival

"I just want to use his story as glory to God. That's all I want to do." - Hudson's Mom, Taylor

April 18th, 2018 has been marked on our calendars for a few weeks. In the early months of Taylor and Austin's second pregnancy, it was detected that their baby had developed a heart condition. 

While modern day medicine and technology is incredible, doctors and nurses were still unsure of what exactly was going on. The ultrasounds and tests were clear in some areas and in others, they weren't 100%.

Austin and Taylor soon learned that baby number two was a BOY! Joining his older brother, Hayden, this baby was given the name Hudson. Unknowingly, Hudson derives from a Germanic word meaning 'heart, mind, spirit.' How fitting. 

Taylor and I had been in communication since the discovery of Hudson's condition. Doctors explained that while they were not 100% of Hudson's complete diagnosis, they knew his little heart was going to need some help and fixing up. This was going to prevent Taylor from having an opportunity to have in-studio newborn pictures because the truth was, Hudson was going to be spending some time using the warrior spirit God created within him to fight for his life.

The day arrived and I was called at 2:30am. A sleepy Austin on the other end said it was time, I should head to the hospital as Taylor was nearing the time of delivery. 

When I arrived, Taylor was her chatting self. With that typical pitocin teeth chatter, we spoke, we rested and we waited for her body and Hudson's to near the time we were all waiting for. Because doctors were still unsure of what exactly Hudson's condition would be when he took his first breath, or if he even would, the plan was to labor in a normal room and when it was time to push, we would head to an OR. The OR gave a greater area for teams of doctors to work and just in case of an emergency C-section, we were already there and in place.

Taylor was still laboring. 5cm at 3:30pm. 7cm at 5:30pm. The sun rose and lit up the room. Taylor was turned this way and that as Hudson's heart rate continued to 'decel' lower and lower during every contraction.

It was 7:45am and within seconds, nine nurses were in Taylor and Austin's room. Taylor was quickly dressed with an oxygen mask as she started looking around frantically. Nurses were using terms we couldn't understand, moving her around. Austin was watching from the back of the room, trying to stay out of the way and listen as we were determining what's next.

"Get dressed Austin. Let's go.' A white painter's suit, cap, mask and shoe covers were laid out by the nurse. Things were about to get intense and it was time to see exactly what baby Hudson had in store for us! Taylor was rolled to the OR. Positioned onto a daunting OR bed, Taylor stopped everyone.

"Can I pray with my husband? I need to pray before we do this."

The doctors and nurses stepped back. I watched as Austin prayed over his wife. She was vulnerable and nervous. Every staff member in the room bowed their heads, folded their hands and prayed. As long as I live, I will forever remember feeling God, my good, gracious and powerful God, enter that OR. So much peace and almost a determination flooded the room. It was like an attitude of 'time to get this done' filled in everyone. We wanted to allow Hudson to enter the world and allow God and the doctors to do the rest.

8:15am, Taylor pushed. 'Cleansing breath Taylor. Now PUSH!'. Again, Taylor and the entire room took a cleansing breath. Another push. This time, nurses surrounding the room stopped. All eyes on Taylor. Another push. 'Push girl! You got this.' and 'You're doing great, push!' came out of the mouths of the supportive women surrounding her. It was spiritual and beautiful as every heart in the room reached out to her.

8:29am. Hudson Lee entered this world. While we were on pins and needles waiting to hear a cry, he immediately cried out. Relief washed across Taylor's face as Austin looked over at me and his eyes teared up. (Don't let him deny it. It was wonderful!) we were astounded as Hudson's skin started to pink up, he continued to cry, his arms reaching up and out. All of this being a better reaction from Hudson than we expected.

Hudson was assessed and monitored. While staff calculated his apgar score, we waited to see exactly what was going on. 'Baby scored 9.9' GLORY BE TO GOD! Hudson was (worst case) expected to be born needing resuscitated, possibly not crying and needing lots of medical help. But he surprised us with this. A score of 9.9 out of 10. (Apgar score is a measure of the physical condition of a newborn infant)

I was absolutely astonished. Weeks before Hudson's birth, I told her I had a premonition that Hudson was going to come out a lot better than expected. The night before his birth, I had another premonition he would be born at 8:30am. I was a minute off! But Taylor reminded me of this and I was so happy to have a premonition that was positive for once!

As of 10:45pm tonight, specialists have assessed Hudson and have discovered his condition to be much better than expected.

As Taylor wanted, I dedicate these images and this post to our Lord and Savior. The creator of Hudson and all living things. The great teacher. The comforter. My redeemer. Glory be to you, God! Our father who gives so much grace and love, you've used Taylor as a testament of faith and Hudson as a reminder that God is greater than science, the creator of science. Hudson is living evidence that you are the great I am, the sole provider who provides and protects us. You are wonderful. You are love. You are everything and we are so thankful. Thank you God for Hudson. Thank you even more for bringing the Carpenters into my life. They are an absolute blessing and have grown my faith beyond what I thought was possible.

My soul, praise the Lord! Lord my God, You are very great; You are clothed with majesty and splendor. - Psalm 104:1

I want to thank you for reading this birth story. A special thanks first to Taylor and Austin for gifting me such a beautiful experience and allowing me into an intimate part of their lives. Special thanks for my husband, my mom and mother in law for holding down the fort while I was out all night documenting this family and then allowing me to come back home and sleep after almost 30 hours without sleep. This would not be possible without you guys! You've blessed this family as well by being there for me!

Lastly, I would like to thank Riverside Methodist Hospital for their care, professionalism, and kindness towards my friends and myself. I understand I am 'just some photographer' documenting some very unique, stressful, and serious situations. Thank you for allowing me in your work space as I was documenting God working through you. Each member of the staff is blessed beyond measure with so much talent and special gifts. It was a pleasure watching you bring Hudson into this world. <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Little Miss Ryleigh

You might remember Angel's maternity session from a few months ago... well baby is here and she's beautiful! Meet Ryleigh! She was absolutely perfect for me during her very first portraits. She loved being wrapped up and even more loved when her mom and brother cuddles on her! She was giving me all kinds of faces toward the end of her session. It definately made my day! 

Thanks Angel for letting me photograph such an important moment in you and your family's life! I love how much sass your sweet girl has already! <3

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Kasen

Mister Kasen and I played a little game during his session! See, Kasen made the rules and I played along. If I gave Kasen his binkie for a few minutes, he would let me take a few pictures! He's such a funny little man. He's really precious and I was happy to capture what he allowed me to!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Newborn: Isabelle

Sweet Isabelle is here and reigns as the little princess of the family! She has two older brothers who just absolutely ADORE her. They are so proud to be brothers to her and loved telling me all the little things she does. (Watching them mimick her facial movements was hilarious!) Her mom was so excited to have waited until Isabelle was born to find out she was a girl! Her mom didn't mind me bringing out all the girly colors and florals for Isabelle's first portraits!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Sweet Baby Boy: Merrick

Sweet little Merrick was a 32 week premie! He was so very good for his first portraits and slept the entire time! I felt like he was too easy! haha I can't wait to watch this little one grow. 

Mom's Favorites

During Merrick's reveal, Richelle was holding back tears squealing and awww-ing over the images. I had her choose a few to include in his blog post!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Welcome to the world, Opal!

We ooh and ahh-ed over her mama in a purple gown, rocking a bump... well that bump is now a baby, ladies and gents! Miss Opal has arrived and she is precious! This little family just steals my heart. I could not adore them more!!! 

(Feel free to take a look back at their maternity session here)

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Family Photographer || Newborn: Cam

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Newborn Brooklyn

Miss Brooklyn is an early little bird! She is a preemie and my youngest newborn I've photographed! She is the youngest of four kids and her siblings are LOVING her! They find her fasinating. 

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Newborn Photographer || Grayden

Oh my goodness, I loved getting to work with this sweet new family! Grayden's parents had some really cute and sentimental things to incorporate into his session as well as letting me play around with some fall tones. (Thanks to my front yard for those awesome pine cones!)

I'm so happy I got to meet Cody, Noelle and little Grayden! I hope to see them again in the future!

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Studio Photography || Newborn Brentley