Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Portrait Photographer || Ohio Fairs' Queen: Lora

Going on nine years in business, I have never photographed a pageant queen until now! Lora contacted me after she was recently crowned and titled Ohio Fairs’ Queen! She and her friend came to the studio and I was so happy to meet them. Lora is absolutely lovely! I am so thankful she gave me this opportunity. I truly look forward to seeing all she accomplishes in the future.

Mount Vernon, Ohio / Columbus, Ohio Wedding Photographer || Ohio Statehouse + Ohio State Fair: Mark + Lindsay

You might already be familiar with these two if you follow the blog at all. They are the famous couple that had the brilliant idea to have a bridal party paint war! (You can view those images HERE)

This engagement session first took place at The Ohio Statehouse. Mark first laid eyes on Lindsay when she walked into the bank he was working at. She worked right across the street at the statehouse and ever since, the statehouse has been special to them. (I love when couples incorporate special things into their sessions!)

But next up was a location that I had been excited to shoot at ever since Lindsay told me of her idea at our first meeting. She wanted engagement pictures at the Ohio State Fair. The colors and lights…. I could not wait to photograph them at the fair. I was literally counting down the days!

We get there, get some drinks, we are getting some really cute shots and something really heartbreaking happened that they may not even know….. While I was half way through the session, my camera’s internals just completely broke apart. I have no idea why. I DO NOT have a ‘cheap’ camera by any means. I was freaking out. BUT! The awesome thing about being a pro is knowing to always be prepared and that’s why I had my back up camera with me that Jon was carrying and just continued along with the session. Complete chaos and crisis averted :)
(Yes, I got a new camera (goodbye $2000)… but all is well. And yes the old camera will be packaged up with all my disappointment and frustration about the situation and shipped to the manufacturer to fix!)

ANYWAYS…… Mark and Lindsay have been such an awesome couple and we are still a year away from their wedding date! I know so much more fun is to come! Jonathan and I get along with them so well and it truly is wonderful to hang out every time we get to photograph them. This session was a dream come true and I was so happy they have chosen me to photograph all their moments in their wedding/engagement journey!